Congenital and Pediatric Cardiac

Cardio Obstetrics November 2022 Abstracts

1. Outcome of Pregnancy in Women With D-Transposition of the Great Arteries: A Systematic Review. Pizula J, Devera J, Ng TMH, Yeung SL, Thangathurai J, Herrick N, Chatfield AJ, Mehra A, Elkayam U.J Am Heart Assoc. 2022 Dec 6;11(23):e026862. doi:...

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Fetal Cardiology November 2022 Abstracts

1. Care of the Fetus With Congenital Cardiovascular Disease: From Diagnosis to Delivery. Haxel CS, Johnson JN, Hintz S, Renno MS, Ruano R, Zyblewski SC, Glickstein J, Donofrio MT.Pediatrics. 2022 Nov 1;150(Suppl 2):e2022056415C. doi:...

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CHD Surgery November 2022 Abstracts

1. Infants Who Require Total Parenteral Nutrition and Paralytics at Time of Heart Transplant Experience Inferior Post-Transplant Mortality. Greenberg JW, Tweddell JS, Winlaw DS, Lehenbauer DG, Gist KM, Chin C, Zafar F, Morales...

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