CHD Diagrams

The website has been created by Professor Daniel Tobler from the University hospital of Basel in collaboration with the New Media Center of the University of Basel. It has been made possible by the support of the LearnTechNet, University of Basel, and the DozWahl Prize of the students of medicine 2015.

The aim of this website is to create a platform of a collection of the various forms of congenital heart disease that easily describe the defects. Most of the heart lesions are connected to their corresponding operation techniques. The diagrams are drawn in a standardized fashion in order to better understand the different lesions and operations. The section ‘How to cite’ explains how to use and to cite the diagrams in different contexts. The diagrams can easily be printed or shared.

Dr. Daniel Tobler attended medical school at University of Basel, Switzerland. He completed his cardiology training at the University of Basel, Switzerland. He did additional training in adult congenital heart disease at the University of Toronto (Toronto, Canada). He is now a staff cardiologist in Basel, Switzerland. His areas of expertise include adult congenital heart disease, heart disease in pregnancy, and echocardiography.

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