Paucity of renal follow-up by school age after neonatal cardiac surgery

Rodriguez-Lopez S, Huynh L, Benisty K, Dancea A, Garros D, Hessey E, Joffe A, Mackie A, Palijan A, Paun A, Pizzi M, Riglea T, Zappitelli M, Morgan C.Cardiol Young. 2020 May 19:1-7. doi: 10.1017/S1047951120001067. Online ahead of print.PMID: 32425142



Introduction: There are little data about renal follow-up of neonates after cardiovascular surgery and no guidelines for long-term renal follow-up. Our objectives were to assess renal function follow-up practice after neonatal cardiac surgery, evaluate factors that predict follow-up serum creatinine measurements including acute kidney injury following surgery, and evaluate the estimated glomerular filtration rate during follow-up using routinely collected laboratory values.

Methods: Two-centre retrospective cohort study of children 5-7 years of age with a history of neonatal cardiac surgery. Univariable and multivariable analyses were performed to determine factors associated with post-discharge creatinine measurements. Glomerular filtration rate was estimated for each creatinine using a height-independent equation.

Results: Seventeen of 55 children (30%) did not have any creatinine measured following discharge after surgery until the end of study follow-up, which occurred at a median time of 6 years after discharge. Of the 38 children who had the kidney function checked, 15 (40%) had all of their creatinine drawn only in the context of a hospitalisation or emergency department visit. Acute kidney injury following surgery did not predict the presence of follow-up creatinine measurements.

Conclusions: A large proportion of neonates undergoing congenital heart repair did not have a follow-up creatinine measured in the first years following surgery. In those that did have a creatinine measured, there did not appear to be any identified pattern of follow-up. A follow-up system for children who are discharged from cardiac surgery is needed to identify children with or at risk of chronic kidney disease.